About Us

Welcome to Iconic Carz – Entertainment

“One day in 2012, after completing a job and putting the tools in the truck, there was a stabbing pain in my left  knee. I found out that I had torn my MCL, and after a few doctor and specialist visits, I was advised to end my landscaping career.”

The Vision

To be able to build cars such as The Knight Rider’s K.I.T.T, The Dukes of Hazzard car, The A-Team Van, Fall Guy Truck, The Blues Brothers Car and more has always been a childhood dream of mine. These cars from the “feel good” shows of my 80’s childhood, that all had a simple message, crazy stunts and where nobody seemed to die or get seriously hurt. The idea was to build these cars, take them to shows and raise awareness to help kids.

The inspiration came from a very special man, Lou, in Edmonton who said to me, “don’t wait till you are 70 years old to build your car. Life is about moments. Enjoy them.”  He went on to say something along the lines of, “I have waited all my life to build my replica Bullitt Car (68 Dodge Charger). The fact of the matter is there is never the right time. Don’t wait until you are old to hope to see the country or fulfill your dreams. You might never get the chance to. Don’t get old and have regrets.”

This got me thinking, and at the age of 43 I decided that the time was now.

In 2013, Iconic Carz was officially born. Building cool cars, taking them to events to attract attention, raising money, putting smiles on faces, and generating awareness to a cause, was our mission.

In 2014, Iconic Carz started with 4 partially completed replicas; The A-team Van, The Starsky and Hutch Torino, The Hazzard Police car and KITT from Knight Rider. It was a very positive event for Iconic Carz.

In 2015, Iconic Carz Ltd expanded into a full-service, commercial print shop Named Iconic Carz Signs and Apparelz

Under Iconic Carz-Signz and Apparelz , we were now able to increase our fundraising  by selling shirts, mugs and prints at events along with displaying 12 foot backdrops and working with cosplayers while displaying our 7 TV Show cars.

In 2015, our cars won Best Specialty (Rosco’s Police Car) and Best Modified (Knight Rider) at the Cooper’s Foods Custom Show-n-Shine. We also had a larger 15’ backdrop with custom built aluminum frame. We were getting more requests for custom made items and expanding our business to accommodate more designs.


In 2016, Iconic Carz had changed yet again by adding more cars and creating a larger display. More cos-players, 20’ backdrop and more shirt designs had us standing out amongst the crowds!

In 2018-19 Iconic Carz, had been grown more with larger events and more cos-players.

During the pandemic to present, Iconic Carz started selling food and today we are running 3 divisions of Iconic Carz. You can find us at all different kind of events with cos-players, to Carz to Food or at our own events with all.

To see how we are all connected visit www.iconiccarz.com

We are now 2023 and the venture till now has been nothing but incredible. The Shows, the People heart warming and amazing. But like all things, change has to come to all of us. The the decision to take Iconic Carz – Entertainment into a different direction has come. As much as we love the TV Show classic cars, over the years we had given up the opportunity to build other classic cars that didn’t fit in the TV Show realm. This will now give us the chance to explore this venture more. You will still see us, and we will be still raising money every chance we can but differently.